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date: 20210727
enddate: 20191018

2019 is considered by major experts to be the year of the mass adoption for many reasons. Join Blockpass at the Paris Blockchain Summit to share our knowledge and vision about the future of distributed system!

Paris Blockchain Summit is the largest event of its kind in France. The event will gather major international key players of the Blockchain ecosystem including well-known influencers, investors, government representatives, blockchain developers, law firms and service providers. French authorities are positive and optimistic about the future of blockchain technology and the overall cryptocurrency. The French government hopes to revitalize the economy through the new technology of blockchain and aims to make Paris as an international Blockchain Hub.

Paris, the city of Light, is one the fastest growing business hubs since the last two years.Paris is one of the top cities in the world for hosting investment events. Paris Blockchain Summit is a unique opportunity to connect international stakeholders who wants to promote the industry, generate concrete leads, showcase concrete application of the technology and hands-on learning experience from dedicated Workshops and Keynotes.

Blockpass CMO, Hans Lombardo will be speaking at the event on 18 October, 2019. Please stay tuned for more information.