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date: 20210727
enddate: 20190530

What players are involved in the security token ecosystem? And what is needed to build the STO infrastructure?

Security Token Offerings (STOs) are up and coming and supported by strong and established legal frameworks, and the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Many players are involved in the security tokens ecosystem including legal, custodians, exchanges etc.

Join us for the fourth of the Blockpass Meet Up Series: Security Token Ecosystem on May 30 at 7PM to learn about how different parties can facilitate STOs and their role in the STO ecosystem.

Confirmed Speakers:

Hans Lombardo, CMO, Blockpass 

Blockpass CMO Hans Lombardo is a successful entrepreneur and long-time proponent of blockchain technology and other disruptive technologies. During the Internet boom, Hans provided due diligence support for the Venture Capital Fund in Asia, investing in a number of Internet startups in Greater China.
He is also the co-founder of Chain of Things – a Hong Kong-based startup integrating blockchain & IoT devices.

Sam Lee, Founder & CEO, Coinstreet Partners

Sam is the Founder & CEO of Coinstreet which is a one stop STO provider and currently operates in 6 business segments including Token Finance Consultancy; Digital Asset & Wealth Management (including blocktrade); Marketing & Events; Digital Asset Tokenization and Exchange Platform; Investor Relations, PR & Media; and DLT Solutions.

Sam has over 20 years’ experience in TMET sector, with proven success in commercializing various digital services operations across in Asia

Yuen Wong, CEO, L.A.B.S. Property

LABS is a Real Estate management, investment and tokenisation (blockchain) solutions company, which will then evolve into a trading platform. Short term wise LABS aims to be a successful real estate management, investment and blockchain solutions company, that also help other property portfolio tokenises. Long term wise LABS aims to be a real estate ecosystem that allows issuance and trading of digitised securities of properties.

Yuen is involved in several startups including e-commerce and professional services and also an advisor for many successful blockchain projects including Bitmart, IOTW, Silkchain, etc.