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date: 20210727
enddate: 20191105

STOs are the current preferred form of digital asset fundraising as the regulatory landscape for token offerings stabilizes and the fractionalisation of assets gains wider acceptance. The legal, financial, and operational issues to be surmounted are being addressed by a wide range of innovation firms and traditional financial institutions.

At this event, the Asian Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA) will release their new, comprehensive report on the path forward for STOs, Written in collaboration with their membership of the world’s biggest financial services firms and peer-reviewed by legal experts, STO platforms and industry insiders, it will enable the industry to take another huge step forward on the path to the institutionalization of digital assets.

Blockpass CEO and CMO –  Adam Vaziri and Hans Lombardo will be speaking in the event together with speakers from the traditional and digital securities asset field to discuss how security tokens are going to move forward in a legal, compliance and fundraising perspective.

Speakers at this event