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date: 20210727
enddate: 20190920

BlockchainUA is proud to present its 7th semi-annual international blockchain conference. The event will take place in Kiev on September 20, 2019, and will bring together the strongest blockchain communities in Ukraine and Europe!

BlockchainUA is aimed at a diverse audience and is dedicated to raising awareness of blockchain and decentralized technologies, building a strong community, and showcasing the Ukrainian tech scene.

This is a unique opportunity for everyone to dive into the details of one of the most promising technologies, listen to informative reports, become familiar with analytics and trends, as well as participate in gripping discussions.

BlockchainUA is known as a conference with a high level of reports from leading technology experts from around the world. We are proud that the conference content allows us to understand both the technical and theoretical aspects of the technology, and to get the opinion of lawyers and businessmen who will share their successes and invaluable experience.

Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass will be one of the speakers in the Blockchain UA and talk about “Making crypto compliance sustainable post FATF”. Adam will be sharing his compliance viewpoints towards FATF’s guidelines. He will also explain why self-sovereign identity is needed in the current world and how to bring compliance to the crypto space. There will also be more information about Blockpass and Blockpass could fit in the RegTech industry. Don’t miss it!